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Signing a JAR file

JDK is to be installed and make sure the bin folder under Java
installation home folder has keytool.exe and jarsigner.exe and are available in the PATH.

Assuming the algorithm used to generate key is RSA, execute the following command navigating to the directory in which jar file resides[let us assume the name of the jar file to be signed is testapplet.jar].

keytool -genkey -alias keystorename -keyalg RSA -keypass urpassword -keystore appkeystore.jks -storepass urpassword

You will be prompted to enter values for your state, oraganisation etc.
Enter appropriate values and then execute the following commandto
complete the signing of the jar file.
jarsigner -keystore appkeystore.jks testapplat.jar keystorename

Example : keytool -genkey -alias COREDEV -keyalg RSA -keypass urpassword -keystore appkeystore.jks -storepass urpassword

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